Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Once again, I'm holding my tongue wondering when I will be finished with the final book proofs. This afternoon I received .pdfs of what appears to be the final book layout. At this stage, I can't change anything other than mistakes made by the design department. And there is plenty to change. Most notably, anytime there's a word with "fl" or "fi," there's a small square box in place of the letters. Fun!

I have until the 19th of this month to submit the changes, and I think that's plenty of time. I think these changes will take less time than the previous ones. I believe these errors were made converting font and format, so it's not like an issue of blaming one person or thing.

I'm not trying to talk smack about my publisher here. I think it's great they're actually letting me see what they're sending to the printer. I just hope this is the final, final, final round of changes.

UPDATE: Turns out my Adobe Acrobat reader is a little old. The proofs look fine on another computer I use, which has the latest version of Acrobat. No boxes or anything are in the manuscript. Still, I need to run through the whole thing to fix any small bugs.

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Todd Carruth said...

quit talking smack. Your lucky they sent you the pdfs to begin with.
Just kidding. Best o luck!