Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rodeo Jones

While we all sit tight to hear about a release date for Post, here's some little fun tidbits to check out:

--MTV has three live performances of the original Sunny Day Real Estate lineup. All three songs were taped for the band's 120 Minutes performance, which have been floating around YouTube for quite some time. (Gracias, for the heads-up.) The video quality is superb, as are the performances. Now if they could only upload that incredible live version of "Seven" from the Jon Stewart Show on the MTV site . . .

--Kyle did a lengthy post on Fuel -- and no, not the Fuel that did "Shimmer" and "Bad Day" and wanted Chris Daughtry to join their band. This Fuel was a band I never saw back in the day or heard on record. I remember watching a live clip of the Promise Ring and seeing Dan Didier wear a Fuel shirt. Fuel is briefly mentioned in the epilogue of Post.

1 comment:

FrequencyDown said...

Man, thanks for the SDRE link! Awesome!

That's a band that needs to reunite and tour fo sho!

Also, had no idea about Fuel. Too bad that never took off and that shitsplat excuse for a band did.