Jerry Finn

Some really sad news about Jerry Finn, the producer/mixer behind a number of great records that still sound great today.

Producer Jerry Finn Taken Off Life Support
August 12, 2008 , 3:25 PM ET
Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

Blink-182 and Morrissey producer Jerry Finn has been taken off life support after suffering a massive brain hemorrhage last month. According to a post on the Prosoundweb forum reprinted on, Finn's family made the decision on Saturday.

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The number of albums he worked on is long and quite impressive: Green Day's Dookie and Insomniac, Sparta's Wiretap Scars, Superdrag's Head Trip in Every Key, almost all of blink-182's major label albums, Jawbreaker's Dear You, AFI's Sing the Sorrow, and Rancid's . . . And Out Come the Wolves.

Finn, along with Rob Cavallo, Chris Lord-Alge, and Tom Lord-Alge, pretty much created the sound of big and punchy pop-punk and emo primed for radio airplay. While that might sound like a bad thing, I think Finn's records still sound incredible to this day. Truly a sad loss.


FrequencyDown said…
What the fuck?! How did I miss this news?