Thursday, August 28, 2008

Area codes

In a time when I didn't have a cell phone on me all the time (eleven years ago, to be exact), I remembered a lot of people's phone numbers. Even when we had to start dialing the area codes, it was easy because all of my friends lived in the 281-area.

Speed dial slowly came into my life, as did cell phones, and now I'm here with the following situation: I know my office's number, the Traffic Tip Hotline, various dispatchers' numbers, and my parents' home number off the top of my head. In regards to my friends, co-workers, sister, and the rest of my family, I don't have a clue what their digits are. Why? Because they're all stored in my speed dial on my cell phone.

There was a certain flow to remembering people's seven- or nine-digit number. That flow could be annoying at times, but if there was an emergency, I'd know exactly what to do. Now I'd be up a creek if my cell phone went dead. It's strange how much faith we put into these small electronic devices.


HeyJade said...

I probably remember like 5 phone numbers (home phone - which we're about to be ride of, my own cell number, my husband's cell, Power FM's studio and office line - yep, that's it). The faster, slicker, fancier electronics get...the less we actually put our brain cells to good use (and though it's nice to have things so convenient, I don't really wanna be gettin' dumber and dumber, dang it).

Ted said...

Ain't technology grand?