Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Doomed Moviethon (Mostly European Edition)

I've mentioned this before, but since it's mainly his project, my friend Richard recently gave us the scoop on his upcoming European horror film book. I have already written a few reviews and articles for the book, but the idea for spotlighting horror flicks from the first decade of the 21st century is Richard's.

I'm always up for recommendations on horror flicks, and agreeing to do this project has introduced me to some great films I had never heard of. For every great, widely-known one like The Descent, there's also gems like Severance and Creep. Sure, not every film that I've reviewed is great, but we want to at least expose people to modern horror flicks that aren't crappy remakes of horror classics.

Right now, the book is like a guide for people who like horror films, but tend to get dissuaded by the news about another film that shouldn't be remade getting remade. While no amount of whining will stop remakes getting made, there's still a lot of great, original American and European horror flicks getting made. In the case of this project, folks from across the pond are getting some well-deserved attention, but we are definitely not the only ones who've taken notice.

Frankly, this is a chance to give a good summary of the first decade of the century and provide some good recommendations.

For me, I like the challenge of writing something that has nothing to do topic-wise as POST or When We Were the Kids. I've liked horror films for quite a long time, so people who have known me for a while are not surprised. I look forward to having a finished result by the beginning of next year, so stay tuned.

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