Sunday, January 03, 2010

Just Like the Rain

The new year is starting off on a great note in many ways. One of them is in reference to the music of Richard Hawley.

Somewhere in the archives of this here blog, you'll find a post about how crazy I went for Scott Walker's music after I picked up a copy of 5 Easy Pieces at the closing Tower Records in Dallas. Well, I wouldn't say right now that my love for the dark crooner pop of Mr. Walker is as intense for Mr. Hawley's chamber pop, but it's quite strong.

The deal is, Richard Hawley is by no means a new name for me. It's just now that I've decided to jump into his stuff.

A few years ago, while at a birthday party for my friend TJ, a lot of Hawley's songs came up on the iPod set up to the stereo. I was quite taken with the songs I heard and talked with a few people about his music.

The deal is, I've experienced quite a few times when songs sound great while dancing or at a party, but the impact isn't the same when you're sitting at home on your computer. So that played into my hesitation towards picking up any of Hawley's records. But when my friend Evan posted a video for "The Ocean" this morning on Facebook, I figured it was time to revisit this stuff.

Based on what I've found already, this live clip of "Tonight the Streets Are Ours" from Later . . . with Jools Holland is highly recommended.

So here's to a great new year, so far.

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