Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Walking Dead

More information is trickling through about Frank Darabont's forthcoming television adaptation of The Walking Dead for AMC. As somebody who has never read the comic book or watched a single TV episode on AMC (meaning, I've never seen an episode of Mad Men or Breaking Bad), I will watch this. And I will watch this just because Frank Darabont is on board as writer, director, and executive producer.

I credit Darabont's passion for his projects (watch any of the documentaries on his movies or listen to any of his commentaries to understand) for why I will give this tale of post-zombie apocalypse a chance. Even when he made something that a lot of people dismissed (The Majestic), his desire to make something worthwhile and enjoyable is pretty obvious right away.

Still, I'm not entirely sold on checking out the half-dozen trade paperbacks that collect the Walking Dead series so far.

There have been times that I've tried to read a celebrated graphic novel or trade paperback and I just don't get what the fuss is about. But if translated onto the screen with a genuine craftsman, that opinion could quickly turn around. Zack Snyder's take on Watchmen was an immense help for me with understanding the legacy of the comic book. I hope Edgar Wright's take on the Scott Pilgrim series does the same.

I think my enjoyment of comics works best when there is one definitive story that can put into one trade paperback or graphic novel. I have yet to stay with a series that just goes on and on and on, like Brian Michael Bendis's Powers. So that probably explains why I'm a fan of stuff like Blankets and Box Office Poison.

All I can say now (the pilot has been greenlit, but no word just yet if it's going to series), I look forward to what will come of this.

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