Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Turn around, pizza eyes

If you've watched any NFL football game in at least the last month, you've seen Domino's newest ad campaign. Taking longtime criticism of their pizza to heart, they believe they've come up with a better-tasting pizza. A "turnaround" pizza as it has been called. Folks in the Onion's Chicago office recently tried it and gave their verdicts. And I got hungry. Not specifically for Domino's pizza, but for pizza in general. I still eat pizza every week, so it's a good excuse.

In the case of the turnaround pizza, I have yet to try it. Matter of fact, I can't recall when I last ate Domino's or Papa John's. Aside from a mini-party at my office a few months ago where Pizza Hut was delivered, my consumption of national chain pizza has been very small.

Alas, there was a time when I didn't eat small, frozen, made-for-one pizzas courtesy of DiGiorno's.

In my family, Sunday was the day to eat pizza. When we lived in New Orleans, we ate at Godfather's Pizza. When we moved to Houston, we ate at the closest Godfather's until the closest one moved twenty-five minutes away. We switched to Pizza Hut and ate that for years until my sister said she didn't like Pizza Hut anymore. There were flings with Little Caesar's here and there. Then we moved onto Papa John's, but then college came along and my sister and I left the nest. I moved onto having CiCi's buffet and a few deliveries from Papa John's and Pizza Hut here and there. Eventually I just hunkered down with DiGiorno's when I decided I didn't want to wait for pizza to be delivered and didn't want to have a lot of leftover pizza in the fridge.

Since I moved out and my sister moved out, I don't know if my parents still eat pizza on a regular basis. These days, if we do get together and eat pizza when I'm in town, it's at my sister's house with her family and our parents. Knowing that my nieces love pizza, I doubt our loose family tradition will stop.

But between a lot of family dinners, there were many pool parties and birthday parties that had Domino's. Matter of fact, I tend to associate Domino's with all the times in the mid-1980s when I didn't have Godfather's. Yet somehow Pizza Hut came from behind later in the 1980s and claimed first place and really hasn't weakened since. I guess we can thank advertising for that one.

Still, my consumption of pizza has no signs of letting up. I have no objection to trying Domino's new recipe. Then again, I didn't hate their old recipe. I wonder if people who loved the old recipe are up in arms about the change. Shall wait and see. Until then, I'm hungry for some pizza.

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