Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I order pizza about seven nights a week

Last week, I blogged about Domino's Pizza's new "turnaround pizza." As luck would have it, I got to try some of the new pizza over the weekend.

Due to proximity of a Domino's to where my nieces celebrated their third birthday (it was next door), I, along with a handful of parents and a dozen toddlers got to taste this pizza. Yes, a pizza that's been fifty years in the making, and consulted by Twitter feeds and focus groups, got to enter my hungry mouth.

And my verdict? The pizza is an improvement over the original recipe, but aside from the buttery crust, I think if you served somebody who didn't know the pizza was from Domino's (and didn't know there was a new recipe), he or she would not know a major difference. I liked what I had (a few pepperoni, a few cheese, and one hamburger) and I would have no problem having the pizza again.

But for me, the true test was seeing how well the pizza worked as leftovers. I despised leftover pizza when I was younger, but I've grown to accept it in the last few years. I had a few slices I brought home for dinner last night, and I still liked the pizza. I wouldn't say the slices improved in taste over the two days in the fridge, but I would not say I was repulsed by it.

Aside from Pizza Inn and CiCi's, I have yet to find a pizza I'm repulsed by. But if I was in charge of choosing a pizza from a national chain, I'd go with the quality that is Papa John's. If somebody else ordered Domino's, I wouldn't object and I would eat the pizza. How's that for being flexible and a pizza lover?

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