Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I'm working, but I'm not working for you

So, I thought I would never blog about my dryer again. In the words of Mike Ness, I was wrong.

Well, after a couple of breaker flips between the time I thought everything was back working and last night, we're having almost the same problem. Start a load in the dryer, the dryer light is on, but only see the dryer stop working a minute later and the dryer light turns off. Flip the breaker a few times, and the dryer light comes back on. Start the dryer, it runs. Then it stops working a minute or so later. Flip the breaker again a few times, and the light comes back on. Run the dryer again, it runs, and then it stops working.

I know there are bigger things in life to get angry about, but I was about to start acting like Jack Bauer last night.

After getting five (yes, five: two were from electricians, one was a washer/dryer repairman, one from my landlord, and one from my father) different opinions on what the problem is, I think it's safe to say that there is some form of disconnect between the wiring and the timer switch. Depending on who gets asked, the diagnosis is hazy. Repairmen come out, they get the dryer back on, but right as they're getting ready to leave, the dryer shuts off. It's like the dryer is quoting a great Superchunk lyric: "I'm working, but I'm not working for you."

The second electrician that came out a month ago will make a trip tomorrow, and I will not let him leave until a full load of laundry successfully runs from start to finish.

It's funny, it's like this dryer issue is something out of Stephen King story, be it "The Mangler" or "The Monkey." But unlike those stories, I haven't seen where the last page is.

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