As real as it gets

As luck would have it, I got to see my first UFC pay-per-view on Saturday night. I've seen the UFC many times before on Spike and have spent many hours playing UFC Unleashed 2009 on my PlayStation 3. I even downloaded the 2010 edition on Friday.

While at a get-together at a sports bar with work friends, it just so happened that the Machida-Rua 2 bout was scheduled. And it looked like I was going to be there most of the night since our table had a whopping 22 people. In turn, I saw it all: from Kimbo Slice's slams to Paul Daley's suckerpunch to the thrilling victory by Shogun Rua.

So I think it's now to safe to say out in public that I am a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Just admitting to this kinda comes with a bit of defensiveness. I know it's a violent sport. I know it's a very masculine sport. I'm aware of the unintended homoeroticism. And I'm aware of how popular the sport is with nerds who could never be in shape for fight. I'm quite aware, but it's still quite an exciting thing to watch.

As I watched the main event, I was reminded of how good things can be. The league is run by people wanting to put on an exciting, unscripted kind of entertainment. The play-by-play and color commentary is done by people who are clearly into the passion of the sport. In other words, this isn't like watching an NFL game or even a WWE match.

On top of that, there is a great deal of sportsmanship. Even though Rua and Machida intended to beat the crap out of the other, they approached everything with class and respect.

Now it's out in the open, I guess I am "a man" or a nerd or maybe both.


Richard of DM said…
You are a sick freak who sickens me.