Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Why can't we be lovers?

This week's edition of Staff Trax sheds some light on the job I do when I'm not writing about music. For the next few months, I report traffic on an AM station called Soul 73. I still produce the traffic data for the DFW market, but for a handful of reports in the midday, I also report traffic on the radio.

Like how I found out about Northern Soul all-nighters and their soundtrack, I took to the music found on the station quite naturally. I wasn't forced to listen to the music; I just got a taste and wanted to hear more.

There's such a vast quality of R&B and soul music from the sixties and seventies that I have just begun to dig into. Thankfully, there are box sets out that can shed more light. Hell, there are entire box sets devoted to Motown singles year-by-year.

Even if a lot of Northern Soul is considered sped-up, Motown knock-offs, there's something so wonderful about hearing music with a pep in its step and grabbing melody in only four chords. And it's nice to know there are way more great songs out there beyond "My Girl."

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Ted said...

You should write up some of your favorite soul songs from this era!