Ever since I saw The Big Lebowski, I've wondered about the greatness of In-N-Out Burger. Long a place to eat in California and Arizona, it is coming to Texas (to a location that's less than 40 minutes from my house). I'd love to go there when it opens (opening date not yet announced) but I'm not someone who wants withstand long lines to eat there on its opening day. I'm willing to wait.

There was a time when I ate hamburgers at least once a week. These days, due to various reasons, I eat hamburgers maybe three times a year. I can't say no to hamburgers over a grill at a friend's house or family get-together, but I have no problem skipping over Burger King and McDonald's for a quick meal. Burgers are just not a part of my regular diet, plain and simple.

In my time of living in Dallas, I've tasted the wonderfulness that is Snuffer's, but only three times. There are plenty of great burger places around town and In-N-Out will be a wonderful addition -- and another reason to visit Firewheel Town Center, complete with a Best Buy, Half Price Books, and a Movie Trading Company. But since driving there from my house is a bit out of my way via a tollroad, this is definitely a special occasion sort of thing.

I remember the day the first Freebird's opened in Dallas quite well because I was there. Its location was very close to where I lived and I had waited patiently for a Freebird's for almost four years. So I didn't mind the wait. The Monster burrito tasted so good since I had not had one in years.

But since I've never had an In-N-Out Burger before, I have no frame of reference. I don't know what I'm expecting. I am expecting something good though.


Ted said…
You know, In-N-Out is just, well, okay. I've eaten there a few times and haven't been terribly impressed. Then again, I'm not a burger connoisseur, so maybe that's part of my problem.