Tuesday, May 11, 2010


As laborious as packing for a move can be, I think there's a lot of fun with unpacking. Since I look forward to that, it keeps me sane with the (seemingly) never-ending nature of packing. With my last few moves, the first and foremost thing I want to unpack is my DVD and CD collection.

Over the weekend, I helped Diana move into a new place and what was the first thing I unpacked? Why, her CDs and DVDs, of course! I already knew we had pretty congruent musical tastes, but there's a lot of joy I have going through somebody's collection. It's the kind of stuff that sparks conversations. And it often leads to finding more music that you never really knew before.

Sure, I eventually get to unpacking things like kitchen supplies, books, clothes, and bathroom supplies, but there is an immense joy in putting CDs and DVDs on shelves in alphabetical order.

Maybe that's very indicative of my desires and passions, but if there's one thing that must go first, that's the one.

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Richard of DM said...

I know exactly what you're talking about, duder. My wife has some of the most bizonkers stuff in her music collection. It is like the polar opposite of mine but way cooler in an eccentric way.