Thursday, May 06, 2010

Embarrassment (music library edition)

Following up yesterday's post about Bobby Patterson, I realized once again that I had something that I didn't know I had: a Bobby Patterson tune, covered by Golden Smog.

Bobby has mentioned before that Golden Smog covered "She Don't Have to See You," but until today, I thought it was just as a one-off live cover. Nope: the supergroup with members from Wilco, the Jayhawks, and Soul Asylum recorded a version for their debut album, Down By the Old Mainstream.

I've owned Down By the Old Mainstream for years, but truth to be told, I have only listened to a couple of songs off of it twice. Sometimes records grab me and sometimes they sit on my shelf for years. Now I think it's time to dust this one off.

And it's not like this issue will stop now that I'm building my online library.

A few years ago, I really took to that Sara Bareilles song, "Love Song." Thankfully, before I purchased it on iTunes, I realized that I had already downloaded the song . . . back when it was a free song for a week on iTunes. Oops.

But that's a part of the fun in discovering music, right?

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Ted said...

I used to be a big iTunes fan, but I rarely use their service anymore. But I did grab the free downloads back when I was a fan of their store, and yes, I too had Sara Bareilles' "Love Song." Nowadays, AC radio has completely ruined the song for me, but it was catchy when it first came out.