Thursday, May 27, 2010

D'oh (TV on DVD edition)

I have no one to blame but myself for this, but I learned a hard lesson today about being a fan of a TV show when it goes onto DVD. In a post on Ain't It Cool, some details emerged about those who were curious about what happened after the events in "The End." And if you really want to see a never-before-seen epilogue, you'll have to have $200 to see it on the "Complete Collection" DVD set, dropping in August.

It was then that I realized I should have waited until LOST was finished before ever buying the show on DVD.

(Cue the sad trombone slide.)

I have my reasons for why I bought every season at a time. I got into the show shortly into the second season. I was impatient with renting each disc from the first season on DVD from Netflix, so I just said to hell with it and bought the whole first season using a gift card I received for Christmas that year.

Because of watching the whole first season in one swoop, I was completely up to speed on the second season. And because I love listening to commentary tracks and behind-the-scenes supplemental features, I bought seasons two and three when they respectively came out on DVD.

Then, around the time the fourth season was released on Blu-ray, the first three seasons were released on Blu-ray for the first time. I considered buying those first three seasons again since the show was shot in high definition and looks best on Blu-ray. Alas, I held off, and now I'm glad.

Like I did last year with Battlestar Galactica, I think it's worth to pony up for the BD edition of a show. The episodes look incredibly better in this format. Matter of fact, I've yet to see something look bad on BD.

So yes, I'm giving into the double-dip, but I won't lie how excited I am about seeing new features and the pilot episode in HD for the first time. But again, the next time I get into a show, wait until the show is wrapped to buy the thing on DVD.

UPDATE: Turns out the epilogue will be on the Season 6 edition as well. Lesson remains: wait until the show's over and then buy on DVD.

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Ted said...

I think I'll just wait for the 20 minute epilogue to be posted on You Tube. :-)