First Book Update of 2007

After nearly three years of writing, researching and editing, I finally have a full manuscript for Post. This by no means implies this is the draft you'll see in printed form, but it's a start. Just getting to this point feels like a major accomplishment and I feel great.

As far as who will release this book, that is still up in the air. Though the original intention was to release this independently on Mission Label, that is not the case anymore. Nick and I are still very close friends, but for the benefit of everyone involved, this is a story worth shopping around. I know I have expressed feelings of trepidation about going with professional middlemen before, but I feel this has been a very good decision not just for me, but for the whole book. I do not feel like I've bent over backwards; rather, I feel like I've bent forward in a comfortable way, making something I'm really proud of. This is something I doubt I would be as happy with had I not sought all my options.

A source of constant worry was the topic of selling out. Giving up core values in the hopes of extreme financial gain is still not appealing to me. But a source of greater worry is the topic of selling myself short. I wanted to keep the release rather low-key because of my tendency to not want to show a wider world what I'm all about. It's as if showing any kind of ambition is a sin. I've always had ambitions for this book, but I never wanted to admit to them for fear of having lofty pipe dreams. I don't think it's a pipe dream to have this in stores and make it easy to obtain online.

Thankfully, the way people respond to the book publishing world is a lot different than the music world. At no point has someone given me flak or expressed extreme concern about going with a "name" publisher. If anything, these people want to read it as is, regardless of the publisher. (Wouldn't it be nice if people treated the music industry that way as well?)

So there you have it as of 11:30am Friday, February 9th, 2007. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
now THAT is exciting news!
josh Mueller said…
Summer Reading List!
That is awesome! Congrats on finishing that up. Good luck with the rest of it.

Jeff Wood
An Urban Femme said…
Cool! That's great news!
Py Korry said…
Wonderful news!!!
Random Kath said…
Congratulations, Eric! That's such an awesome achievement - I can't wait until it gets published, by whoever!