28 Years Later

I celebrate 28 years today along with such luminaries as . . .

Peter Tork (65)
Peter Gabriel (57)
Peter Hook (51)
Jerry Springer (63)
Henry Rollins (46)
David Naughton (56)
Eric Johnson (34)
Robbie Williams (33)
Feist (31)
Prince Michael Jackson (10)
Mena Suvari (also 28)
Damon Atkinson (formerly of Braid and Hey Mercedes, 31)
and Sebastian Gutierrez from the Blacheart Society


Mr Atrocity said…
Many happy returns of the day, though commiserations on having to share a birthday with Robbie Williams. I'm so sorry. It could be worse, I share my birthday with Bill Gates.

Rock. And. Roll.
Matthew said…
I didn't know you have the same birthday as Adam from Midnight Madness. Fagabeefe! I mean, Happy Birthday!
Rj said…
happy birthday Mr. Grubbs.
Happy birthday. That's a lot of Peters.
Eric Grubbs said…
Thanks y'all. And Matt, "go for the gusto!"
Josh said…
Happy Birthday.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday and early V-day.

Now, I need to share a little rhyme with you that I made up when I was little. I was a fan of the Monkees but mostly just Davey and Mickey.

Eh-egghhhm. Here goes...

"Peter Tork is a dork and so is Michael Nesbitt" You have to say it in sort of a sing-songy way to get the full effect.

Ok, that's all. =)
Matthew said…
"Never walk away from a challenge."
Kev said…
Happy birthday!

And Michael Jackson's kid is 10 already? Daaaaaang...