This week in comments

Usually when I leave comments on other blogs, I keep the content short. This week was different.

On the topic of visiting the dentist:
There was a time in high school when I really disliked "the pick." Pure pain. Somehow closing my eyes and thinking of Pantera's "I'm Broken" got me through the experience. Yup, Pantera.

For the last few years, I've enjoyed my trips to the dentist. I like the people that work there and they are very kind to me.

On the topic of TiVO HD:
I still feel satisfied with my TV's rabbit ears and VCR. The only channel I clearly get is ABC, so it helps when I tape LOST and watch the Charlie Brown holiday specials.

If I had cable, I'd watch a lot of TV, leaving little time for me to write, read books, exercise, play drums, watch DVDs, surf the Internet -- all things I love to do.

In other words, I'm a long way from TiVo HD.

On the topic of having difficulty with transcribing interviews:
I still use a Walkmen-style tape recorder for my interviews. Kyle couldn't believe it when I told him. He said, "once you go digital, you'll never go back." I'm still not sold. Plus, I'm really stubborn.

Well, everything was great and reliable until I didn't notice the battery was going out. (Yes, my fault instead of the recorder.) Nothing like transcribing interviews with Brian Baker, Nate Mendel and Jeremy Enigk (aka, people I had to really track down for a book interview) and they sound like they were in a wind tunnel. Luckily everything was audible, except the last twenty minutes of my interview with Jeremy. Oh well, the most important stuff came out.

Anyway, I find transcribing difficult when the person constantly says "Um," "You know" and "And." And/or when the person gives rapid-fire answers. I can only imagine how crazier it would be if English was the person's second language.