Can't fight this feeling anymore

Some pretty promising news: I've started working full speed ahead on my second book, When We Were the Kids. I've worked on it here and there for the last two years, but I planned on devoting at least thirty minutes a day to working on a first draft starting January 1st, 2010. The deal is, I just couldn't wait.

Something kept me from taking a nap on Saturday. I just couldn't fall asleep in my recliner with Victory at my side. So I decided then and there to return to the first seventeen pages I had done and go from there.

Thinking about this, I thought I'd share another piece of helpful writing advice: it's better to write when you're inspired instead of when you think you'll be inspired. I know people have their preferences, but it's like you can't fully plan when a child is conceived or born. You can plan to set that stuff in motion, but many other factors out of your control make that stuff come to fruition.

In other words, when you feel inspired and drawn to do something, don't hesitate. I've found it hard to work up the motivation to become inspired. Luckily for me, after I worked on the first chapter on Saturday for a little while, I could nap soundly.

Since I'm still in the writing phase, I don't have an idea about when I'll be done, but it will be done when I think it's done. I have no idea about release dates or who will put it, but I'm fully committed to this no matter what.