Heavy Metal Drummer

Something that's been brewing for a couple of months that I haven't written about is that I have a new band going. We have no name, no songs completed, no plans to record soon, or any shows lined up. And I can't begin to tell you how great that is.

With all due respect to the bands I've played with before, I have the most fun with bands that start from scratch. A couple of bands I played with found me having to learn songs very quickly before a show in a few weeks or a month. Well, as fun and challenging as that may be, having a clean slate is a nice alternative. There's no rush, but there's no desire to just let things lag.

Basically, a few months ago, I pitched the idea via a Facebook status update about starting a new band. The message was simple: "Eric Grubbs thinks it's time to start a new band." Luckily, my friend Kyle expressed interest in playing guitar and singing. He's played in bands for years and has been between bands for almost a year. Then there is Mike, who was someone I was introduced to through a mutual friend at a restaurant opening. We hit it off pretty well and he mentioned he played bass. Suddenly, without really trying to force things into motion, I had some guys I could play with.

So far, band practice has been different from all my previous bands: we practice somewhat quietly in my bedroom. Pads are still all over my drums and cymbals, so I'm not bashing away at ear-splitting volume thinking that I'm playing in sync with the other guys. Our songs are coming together, and there's a classic rock vibe to the riffs and beats. Of course, that could change with the more songs we write.

I know I tend to lean on complaining about the things that going wrong in my life (hello, dryer and heater issues!), but this is one of many things that is going so right in my life. I hope to update our progress soon, so you're in the loop.