September 15th

Barring any natural disasters, dismemberment, or family crisis, I have placed a deadline on finishing my first draft of When We Were the Kids. I'm under no other deadline, but this book has been kicking around in my head for four years. It's time to get something really going.

By no means have I had a bout of writer's block. Far from it, actually. Almost every day for the past few months, I've come up with something that can be used and that streak continues. I can chip at things all I want, but I have to really kick things into gear or this will never get done.

So, for the reason I wanted to have a first full draft by the end of summer, I just picked the middle of September as my deadline. That gives me plenty of time and I'm committed to that date.

As of late, the recently-released oral history Gimme Something Better has inspired me to try a chapter format that I'm quite sure will help make my book easier to read. When you're inspired, go for it and keep going until you want to stop.

This date in September is not the date my book will be done. Rather, this will give me a chance to understand what kind of book this really has turned into and what kind of changes I want to make. I'll also seriously take into consideration how I should release this thing. There are a few options, but that's all I'll say for right now.

Stay tuned.