Having the time of your life

Here was something I wasn't expecting this past weekend: a chance to see Mamma Mia! live. My housemate Matt surprised me with tickets on Saturday morning and we saw the afternoon matinee.

But wait. This is Mamma Mia!, required viewing for mothers and daughters everywhere, not two straight males, right? Well, we didn't care and had a wonderful time with an almost packed house.

The draw for us is ABBA's music, something that we've heard since our youth. Pop music in its rich and beautiful scope with more textures than meets the eye. Put into a heartwarming story for the stage, the show is not just some audio/visual cotton candy.

What I take away from the message of the show is do what you want to do. The story might feature more women than men, but I see the message as something beyond gender. Who can't relate to the idea of sticking to what you believe instead of running away from it?

Because of this show (and the movie), I've grown to appreciate ABBA's music more and more. With repeat viewings of the movie, it's a musical-film adaptation done right. So, it's a winner all around for the newbie ABBA fan and the long-timer.