Listeners Welcome

After listening to only a couple of podcasts for the past seven years, I finally decided to expand some of those proverbial horizons. A little bit.

These days, podcasts are perfect for laundry day, aka Wednesday. This way, I can retain what's said on a podcast when I'm not writing or reading. The thing is, folding laundry takes up maybe 30 minutes total. But as much as I enjoy Greg and Jim on Sound Opinions and Kevin and Scott on their SModcast network, I wanted some variety. Only took seven years to get to that point.

A few months ago, I asked for suggestions via my Facebook page. I mentioned that I liked Sound Opinions and Reasonable Discussions and hoped that could be a good indicator of what I might want to check out. My friend Sean suggested Low Times, my friend Lance suggested The Nerdist and Mohr Stories, and I had heard my friend Jonah was a part of Going Off Track. Coupled with Bullseye and WTF with Marc Maron and Washed Up Emo, I have a lot to pick from.

And I decided to carve out some extra time, beyond laundry day, to keep up with these podcasts. The only catch is, I can't be reading when I'm listening. I can't focus on reading, writing, or editing while I'm also trying to focus on what's being said. I think about people I know who do that and I wonder how they do it. Or is the podcast just white noise?

I'm up for being exposed to other podcasts, but I have some stipulations:

1) If you sound like you just got out of bed and turned the microphones on, I'm probably not going to listen beyond the first minute.

2) If your level of snark is incredibly high in the first 20 seconds, I'm going to listen to something else. High levels of snark might come across as "reality" to some, but it comes across as the opposite to me.

3) Stay on topic and get to the point!

That's all I'm asking for, and I don't think that's too much. Laundry day is always every week, so I welcome anything more.