February Record a Day (Third Week)

February 17th: An Acoustic Album
Andres Segovia, A Bach Recital (pic)
Segovia is a name I've heard in passing over the years. But I didn't really understand the beauty of his playing until I watched a clip in Sound City. John Fogerty talks about the sound quality and the passion of Segovia's playing, and I couldn't help notice. I found this a little over a month ago. The sound quality is not great, but the playing is top notch.
February 18th: A Split-EP
Minus the Bear/The City on Film (pic)
Bob Nanna gave me this at a show he played at Beat Kitchen in Chicago. I didn't have a record player at the time, so I initially politely declined. Thankfully I wised up, took it, and agreed to find some record to play it on.
February 19th: White Vinyl
Everyone Everywhere, self-titled (pic)
There are times when you're lucky to be online at the right time. This fantastic Philly band was selling a very limited number of their second record at a name-your-price deal. I sent them fifteen dollars and got this about a month later. Totally beautiful record.

February 20th: A Favorite Record
Tom Waits, Small Change (pic)
Hands down, my favorite Tom Waits album. So much beauty, so much sadness. Just a classic. However, somehow, after the first play of my 180-gram reissue, a skip developed on "I Wish I Was In New Orleans." Last year, I found an original Asylum pressing of this, along with Foreign Affairs. While the album was dusty, there are no skips on it.
February 21st: A Compilation
The Four Tops, Anthology (pic)
Found this brand new at the wonderful Mad World Records in Denton. Though I have many of these songs on CD, I don't have the full version of "MacArthur Park." At $8 for a 2-LP set, I couldn't say no.
February 22nd: Clear-colored Vinyl
Certain People I Know, self-titled (pic)
This band features Bob and Damon from Braid and Hey Mercedes. I have never seen them play, but I have enjoyed this record despite listening to it only a couple of times. I bought this at a house show in Denton last year where the owner of the label was selling all kinds of his label's products.