February Record a Day (Second Week)

February 10th: Any 10-inch Record
face to face, Econo-Live (pic)
Back when I collected singles, I came upon this through a mailorder catalog. It's a very rare and rough documentation of face to face before they recorded their self-titled third album. There are slightly different arrangements of songs that wound up on the album. Think of it as a glimpse of the album to come.

February 11th: Collection of an Artist
Jimi Hendrix, Are You ExperiencedAxis: Bold as LoveElectric Ladyland (pic)
I don't have many complete collections of an artist on vinyl. Showcasing the three proper albums that Hendrix released while he was alive, this is one of the exceptions. My former housemate Matt gave me these when he moved out last summer. They're still in good shape, and the music is still out of this world.

February 12th: Artist That Begins with the Letter 'L'
Lifetime, Hello BastardsJersey's Best Dancers (pic)
I don't often double-dip when it comes to albums I already have on CD and on my computer, but there are certain classic records that deserve to be owned on vinyl. Not only are the songs great on Lifetime's two proper albums on Jade Tree; the artwork is incredible, too. 

February 13th: Album from High School
face to face/Horace Pinker split 7-inch (pic)
I stretched this one a bit. I didn't collect any 12-inch vinyl in high school. In the summer/fall between high school and college, I started collecting a lot of singles by punk bands. Since I had to have any and all face to face vinyl, I came upon this. Horace Pinker ended being the big surprise for me. "Letter Never Sent" is still one of my favorite songs they've done.

February 14th: Red or Pink Record
Into It. Over It, Proper (pic
Truth is, until a few weeks ago, my copy of this record was sealed. I bought Proper and Intersections directly from Evan when he opened for Saves the Day at Trees. Seeing the pinkish/red color, I thought it was apropos for Valentine's Day.

February 15th: An Artist's Best Album
Meat Loaf, Bat Out of Hell (pic)
I took an easy route with this one. The first Meat Loaf record is still amazing to me. It's the template and yardstick for every record Meat has done since. 

February 16th: Favorite Dollar Bin Find
Eric Carmen, self-titled (pic
I have found many great records in decent shape underneath the racks at Half Price Books and Mad World Records. This Eric Carmen record is very special to me because it marked the beginning of me collecting 12-inches. I had that Pet Shop Boys 12-inch from elementary school and I had a few that I reviewed for Punk Planet, but this one started the trend that I am on now. I found it on one of my many shopping trips with Matt. I asked if he was interested in it and he passed. For a dollar, I couldn't pass it up. Thus Eric Carmen's debut became my gateway drug.