Song in my head:
"Dancefloors" by My Morning Jacket

Add the Buggles to the list of bands that have gotten back together this year. Read more here.

In case you need more info about the Nirvana box set, here is the official website. Apple's iTunes already has an acoustic demo of "Lithium" available for download. I think the demos will be interesting to hear, but those b-sides are the jewels of the set.

Ain't It Cool News is talking about network TV shows getting yanked. I have yet to sit down and watch an episode of LAX but it was on in the background last night. I heard Jeff Buckley's version of "Hallelujah," so that scores some points for me. As far as Jack & Bobby, wasn't this show supposed to be on for a while so you could find out which one becomes President? I hope they don't cancel it before telling the audience who it is. I remember Dead at 21 and they never revealed if Jack Noseworthy's character ended up living or dying when he turned 21.

Shall be seeing . . . And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead this weekend. Hopefully new material will be played.

My old roommate John would call this sacreligious.

My CD wallet needs new mix CDs so I think I'll burn some this morning. Priorities include: a Left of the Dial sampler, Ben Folds compilation of EP songs, Centro-matic's Love You Just the Same and another random mix of songs.

It seems like I do this once a year: clothes shopping. I need a couple of things for the "cold" weather. In other words, some new pants are needed.