Frame and Canvas

Songs in my head:
"Milwaukee Sky Rocket" by Braid
"Urbana's Too Dark" by Braid

Up a little earlier than usual this morning. The rain and a dog with the blues kept me from falling back asleep. It's sleeting outside, but it's not sticking to the ground. Whew.

I have a goal: start my Christmas shopping tomorrow and be finished by the weekend. Sounds like a stretch, but I just want to get everything taken care of in one fail swoop.

As much as I read about the Libertines in the British and UK press, I was thinking that a book about them would be either out or forthcoming. Well, look what I came across on

Steve posted about Kinsey on his blog. I still have yet to see this movie, but I'd like to see it. The housemate saw it and said that a couple walked out of it midway. No word if they were offended or inspired by the film's content.

Coldplay is set to release their next album in March. NME has more info. There are rumors that Doves will be releasing a new record around the same time.

At this rate, half of the UK and Britain should have a copy of the new version of "Do They Know It's Christmas Time?" by the end of the week.

Expecting the new Big Takeover any day now. Jeff Tweedy is on the cover.