Monday, November 01, 2004

Worlds Apart

Like yesterday, it's mostly cloudy, windy and warm. I listened to Pulp's We Love Life while driving around yesterday. It seemed like a great soundtrack for it. This afternoon, I listened to tracks from Piebald's We Are the Only the Friends We Have and Jimmy Eat World's Futures. Not really as picturesque as We Love Life, but they put a smile of my face.

I downloaded the new . . . And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead EP, Worlds Apart, from iTunes. "Worlds Apart" is strong single and their version of the Monkees' 'The Porpoise Song" is a cool b-side.

Picked up John Harris' Britpop! at Borders this afternoon. Looks to be a very good read. I had seen a documentary on the same subject (Live Forever) and thought it was a good starting point. I may start reading it tonight (while Fahrenheit 451, Please Kill Me, Let It Blurt and The Long Halloween remain unfinished). Eventually I'll read them all.

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