Saturday, November 20, 2004

The One Who Got Us Out

Song in my head:
"The One Who Got Us Out" by Ted Leo/Pharmacists

Saw TV on the Radio and The Faint play last night. Great show even though they are a little different than what I normally am into. If you've never heard TV on the Radio, think a little bit of 1990s' shoegaze and a little bit of 1960s' soul. The Faint was very impressive with their 60% live and 40% preprogramed sound. Not that I'm knocking it: they rock like New Order rocks. Their light and video backdrop was pretty incredible. It was totally locked in with every little small move by the band. To make it even more sweet, they did a reverent cover of Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer."

Before I forget, much praise must be given to Steve for letting me buy a ticket from him. I believe the show was totally sold out and I didn't have a ticket.

Turns out, I am doing other things this weekend other than a shift and kickball. Have a birthday party to attend tonight and I have to dress up for it. Shall be a very fun time indeed.

Ted Leo has a video for "Me and Mia" here.

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