Monday, November 01, 2004

News of the TPE World November 1st, 2004

Album listened to this morning:
The Arcade Fire Funeral

Since last night, rain and winds have slowly brought a cold front in. Luckily, it didn't start pouring until after the trick-or-treaters left.

Halloween wrap-up:
After walking the dog, I watched Student Bodies. This flick has always made me laugh and I laugh harder every time I see it.

MTV has a detailed tracklisting for the Nirvana box set, With the Lights Out. To those that collected import CD EPs for those b-sides, a lot of these songs are not new. To those that had dubbed copies of the songs on worn-out tapes, this is wonderful.

I picked up the Arcade Fire's Funeral and Q and Not U's Power over the weekend. Both are good, especially Funeral. If you like Bright Eyes, Interpol and . . . And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, you may find the Arcade Fire to your liking.


Steve said...
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Steve said...

I pulled the previous Arcade Fire release (self-titled) out of the KTCU crap box a few weeks ago, because I thought it looked cool. It blew me away... If you find Funeral a little too somber in places, the self-titled CD is more upbeat and fun, and feels a little more spontaneous. When I first listened to it, my initial thought was that it sounded like a group of people playing instruments on a front porch in some rural area, and that not everyone know the songs very well, but they're singing along for the fun of it (woot! what a run-on...).

Favorite lyric from the self-titled -- A group sing of men and women singing, "Three cheers for my clitoris, the only failed experiment."

Eric Grubbs said...

Very cool Steve. Now that I don't live as far away from KTCU, I make the occasional visit to the crap box. Great stuff still slips through its cracks.

Steve said...

Yeah, it's always funny when KTCU puts out new stuff in the crap box. I'm down there digging through everything for like 30-45 minutes, and I've got a stack of around 20 CDs or so. Inevitably, one of the KTCU staffers will be there looking at me like I'm crazy. Someone always asks the KTCU staffer if there's anything good in the box, and they always say "Nope." Meanwhile I'm finding all kinds of great stuff that the obviously didn't listen to... My gain...