News of the TPE World November 4th, 2004

Album listened to this morning:
The Mars Volta De-loused in the Comatorium

Crisp and breezy at 44 degrees. I think we were having near-record highs a few weeks ago and now we're having near-record lows for November. It was fun to walk the dog in this weather last night. She wanted to run more than walk. Today's high is to reach 68. Sunday's high is supposed to reach 80.

Did more reading of Britpop! yesterday and resumed reading Perfect Sound Forever. Still haven't opened Hot Water Music or High Fidelity. My mind wanders too much, but I will get to them.

Amazon is listing February 15th, 2005 as a street date for the Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut. I have yet to see the director's cut, but reading about the changes from the original sounds like a cool alternate to the theatrical.

If you liked Sarge, you may really dig Elizabeth Elmore's new(er) band, the Reputation. They have two records out already, including this year's To Force a Fate.

Jimmy Eat World is working on a new EP that is to come out next year. More info is here.


Anonymous said…
I don't agree with replacing "The Killing Moon" from Echo & The Bunnymen with "Never Tear Us Apart" from INXS in Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut. The lyrics to "The Killing Moon" perfectly foreshadow Donnie's story. Am I wrong?

Eric Grubbs said…
I agree: "The Killing Moon" fits better in the beginning. Still, I think "Never Tear Us Apart" works in this alternate version. Both songs are nice and haunting.