Libraries gave us power . . .

Songs in my head:
"A Design for Life" by Manic Street Preachers
"Judy in Disguise" by John Fred & His Playboy Band
"Chesterfield King" by Jawbreaker

Before I went in to to do my shift yesterday, I stopped by a record store that I frequent. I wasn't planning on buying anything for myself since I should be starting Christmas shopping for others. Well, if you had just read a book on Britpop and had almost all of the Suede back catalog with the exception of the Stay Together EP, how could you turn down a $4.99 copy of it? Also, after reading this book on Britpop, Manic Street Preachers (one of your favorites) is barely mentioned, so you want to know more about their pre-Richey Edwards-departure era. You see a copy of Forever Delayed: The Greatest Hits with a bonus disc of remixes for $8.99. Would you pass this up? I didn't.

Later in the day, I'm surfing on Amazon's UK store and find this book on the Manics. Since the Manics weren't really covered in John Harris' Britpop!, I figured there would be a whole book about them out there. Amazon's listing is very tempting and very affordable even after the pounds-to-dollars conversion. Shall be picking this up.

Last night's party was pretty fun. It was a birthday party and attendees were asked to dress up. I donned a red shirt and green tie (yep, I'm jumping on Christmas colors about a week early). A lot of familiar faces were seen and a lot of familar songs were played on the turntable. I had never heard Wilson Pickett's version of "Time is On My Side" or "Sunny" before. Very cool.

I got my copy of Rolling Stone with the list of Top 500 songs of all time. Debate their picks as much as you want, but I think Rolling Stone has done a great job this year celebrating the 50th year of rock & roll.

Football and kickball are definitely on the cards for today. The rain must be holding off until later. Shall be a good workout on the field today.