Friday, November 19, 2004

Get Your Hands Off of My Woman

Songs in my head:
"Adelaide" by Ben Folds
"Get Your Hands Off of My Woman" (Darkness cover) by Ben Folds

It's return of the crazy dreams: Last night/this morning, I dreamt I was on a landed plane. I got off and wanted to get a Quizno's sub from an airport kiosk. Some people I knew in high school band were in line and when it was my turn to order, somebody else cut in front of me and ordered. Not getting to order a sandwich, I left the airport and then I was at TCU. For some reason, I had a bathing suit and a towel on. After walking over the east side of campus, I found my car in one of the parking lots and drove away. Johnny Rivers' "Memphis" on the radio ended the dream and now I'm trying to understand it all.

Recent research shows that people don't like seeing more TV ads before the movies. IMDb has the stunning news in this article.

I have no idea about what I'll be doing this weekend. I have my shift to do on Saturday and there are plans for football and kickball on Sunday, but that's it. I'm almost done with Britpop! and next in line is Songbook, High Fidelity and Hot Water Music, along with Live from New York, Let It Blurt and Please Kill Me.

Thanksgiving is next week? Time flies when you are in the daily routine of reporting, writing, eating, reading, walking and sleeping. Plans for a vast change in these activities are not in the forseeable future.

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