Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Batman Begins Again

I have not seen Batman Begins yet. My excuse: I've already seen a great dark Batman movie: Tim Burton's Batman.

My excuse sounds lame, but I don't really feel compelled to rush out to see Batman Begins. Not to discount director Christopher Nolan or the actors involved (especially Christian Bale), but Batman is hard to beat. Even though certain never-satisfied fanboys don't think highly of Batman, I think Batman still holds up. It's dark, it's humorous, it's well-acted and it's well-made.

How many shades of dark do we really need? Dark, but with extra dark? Dark with lighter dark?

I've heard that Batman Begins effectively tells an origin story. Sounds very interesting and tempting but in a summer filled with remakes, is there anything new or interesting at the big box office?

Maybe my tastebuds have changed too much over the years, but why should I bother seeing a remake of something that's rather fresh in people's minds? Remaking something that came out in the last twenty years doesn't make sense.

A good question: has Hollywood really run out of ideas for blockbusters?

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Nathan said...

Super hero stuff doesn't really do much for me (I didn't grow up with it), but I really liked this movie and have seen it twice (I never see new movies twice). So, that either tells you something good or bad. I don't know which...