A Makeshift Peter Sarsgaard Film Fest

By pure chance, I rented three movies featuring this guy all at once. Garden State, Kinsey and Shattered Glass were movies that I was interested in simply because of their stories. After my Peter Sarsgaard film-trifecta, I have to say I'm impressed with Mr. Sarsgaard's acting.

I thought his performance in Shattered Glass was the best out of the three. As Chuck Lane, Sarsgaard plays a tough, but fair editor who was part of the uncovering of Stephen Glass' made-up stories/articles. Sarsgaard walks a very fine line between ball-buster, family man, professional and hero. Not an easy part to effectively pull off, but it's pulled off very well.

After some researching online for Sarsgaard's film history, turns out he is yet another person to add to the list I'm compiling called, "Seinfeld Guest Stars That Went On to Bigger Things." This list already includes Jon Favreau, Courtney Cox, Peter Krause, Kristen Davis, Michael Chiklis and a whole slew of others. Sarsgaard was in "The Pony Remark" episode from Season 2. I'll have to watch the episode again because I don't remember his part.

Now that I know who Peter Sarsgaard is, I don't confuse him with this guy anymore.