Monday, June 20, 2005

The Wicker Man

I watched a literal cult classic Saturday night. The Wicker Man came out in the early 1970s but I don't think the movie's central theme of Paganism vs. Christianity is outdated. Not a horror movie per se, but it's definitely a head-trip.

The reason why I rented this movie is interesting: technically, I rented the wrong movie. Here is the story: I like Pulp's song, "The Trees." The song samples a simple, but very effective melody played by an orchestra. I checked the We Love Life liner notes and thought the sample was from The Wicker Man soundtrack.

Turns out, "The Trees" contains no sample from The Wicker Man. "The Trees" samples a song from the movie, Otley (with Tom Courtenay) but I didn't find this out until I finished watching The Wicker Man. Another song on We Love Life, "Wickerman," samples "Willow's Song" from The Wicker Man.

I goofed, but I really enjoyed the movie anyway. I'd love to see Otley, but it is unavailable on DVD.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget "The WIcker Man" by Iron Maiden, also inspired by the movie. :-D

- Bill

Eric Grubbs said...

How could I forget?