Everybody's Working for the Weak

Friday night was a great bill at the Barley House: Horses and Chatterton, both from Fort Worth. Neither band was a disappointment and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Following Horses' proper set was the debut of the Lewis Morning News, a band featuring all of Horses' members and their friend Miles on lead vocals. They only play Huey Lewis & the News covers and this set featured "The Heart of Rock & Roll" and "The Power of Love." Hearing those songs brought back great memories of DeLoreans, bassists with sunglasses and combed-back hair.

After the show, I went straight home and took a shower. As I'm brushing my teeth, I hear Jason and Cari coming in. They tell me that a certain person from a certain band might be coming over to our house. The person comes over about 15 minutes later with a friend, so we hang out for a while. Who is this person? Well, I hate the word "rock star," but this person is in a band that a lot of people in the indie rock/hipster/indie yuppie world know. If I told my mom who he is, she wouldn't know. My point is this, he is somebody I've read articles about, heard his band's music and have seen pictures of him. However, he is a human and he was a guest in our house so I treated him like a friend. I didn't dish out too many music journalist-like questions on him. I figured he deals with that stuff enough.

Saturday, thanks to my friend Seth's recommendation, I checked out Troubled Hubble at the Gypsy Tea Room. Even though I knew only a couple of songs beforehand, I was blown away by their set. They are yet another great rock-band-that-you-can't-easily-pigeonhole on Lookout!, so I can't say anything more than they rocked hard. They bounced up and down, had fun with the audience and they rocked out with power and conviction. I'm now a fan. They're from Illinois and I wonder if they'll be in Chicago in the middle of October . . .

Following Troubled Hubble, I checked out the Smoke at Arts Avenue. The Smoke is the moniker that DJ Jason Harris uses when he spins '60s Big Beat, Mod, R&B and Northern Soul from both sides of the Atlantic. He plays a lot of obscure stuff, but it's the kind of stuff you like after one listening. The songs keep going and going and you can't stop tapping your foot. I heard some great stuff and now I'm searching for them online . . .

This weekend was a nice alternate to the usual staying-in-and-watching-movies weekend.


Anonymous said…
The interesting thing is that my mom DID know who he was. When I told her about Friday night, she said, "Oh! Band X got a lovely write up in the Dallas Morning News."

That Sharon always surprising. That Cari, always overserved and sleepy.