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From Update at 6:20PM EST on 6/20/05

Billy Corgan Says He Wants To Re-Form Smashing Pumpkins

Last month, Billy Corgan scoffed at the notion of the Smashing Pumpkins ever reconciling and regrouping, but now he is singing a different tune. In a full-page newspaper ad, the alt-rock leader declared plans to bring back the band.

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Alter Bridge's Tremonti Says Forget About A Creed Reunion

Bad news for any diehard Creed fans out there waiting for a reunion: According to former Creed/ current Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti, it's never, ever, ever going to happen.

I find this funny: bandmates will talk and talk about how a band will never, ever get back together or how they will never have some member back in the band. Then when they do get back together, they make light of what they said in the past.

I remember when Jimmy Chamberlin was kicked out of the Smashing Pumpkins. Billy Corgan said, "He's out of our lives. 110%." Just a few years later, Billy and Jimmy reconciled and Jimmy was back in the band. Now Billy calls Jimmy one of his best friends in the newest issue of Rolling Stone.

My point is this, as much as Mark Tremonti denies there will ever be a Creed reunion, don't completely cross it out. I'm not waiting for a Creed reunion (they were never my bag) but you never know.