We're puttin' the band back together

This past weekend marked the first time I was in a wedding for a close friend. While I had been in weddings before for family members or friends of the family, this was a first for a close friend. Matt, someone I've known since elementary school, got married on Saturday. Since high school, we realized that we liked a lot of the same music and movies, and we've been close ever since.

As the years passed, we all moved on to other things in our life. Oftentimes this required moving out of town for school or work, making contact a little harder. I won't lie: making the decision to leave town is hard. People say making new friends in a new town is easy, but it's been very hard for me. I do miss seeing Matt and our other friends on a regular basis, but I wouldn't be happy if I stayed in Houston.

Ever since I moved away for college, trying to get "the old gang" back together in one place has been tough. Not because we didn't want to see each other, but our schedules could never work in our favor. Coming together for Matt and Kim's wedding, all of our schedules worked out. Everybody was there and in a way, it felt like old times. However, it felt more like better times. We're all grown up (on paper, at least) and have our own lives. Checking in with each other from time to time is good and it never gets old.

Our time together was brief, but we made the most of it.


Anonymous said…
Sounds great. It's nice that you had that chance to get together.

I totally understand what you're meaning. When I went off to college, I went to a school that none of my friends went to. After awhile, it got harder and harder to have gatherings together.

Then when I moved to Oregon, I left everyone behind! I was quite lonely for awhile after I moved here. Luckily, I had Stuart with me. But it took us awhile to find new friends, and we still often miss our old Texas friends a lot.