Friday, June 17, 2005

Body of Song

I like Bob Mould's music (solo and his work with Husker Du and Sugar). However, after all the talk about how he was retiring from loud guitar rock following 1998's The Last Dog & Pony Show, I was skeptical about the word that he was returning to loud guitar rock with his new record, Body of Song.

Well, the skepticism is gone.

Interestingly, this skepticism was wiped away after listening to only 30 seconds of one song. The song, "Paralyzed," is available for download on iTunes and I took a listen to the free 30-second clip. Sounding more pissed-off and more immediate than anything he's released in a long time, I'm excited about Body of Song.

Adding fuel to excitement is the word that Body of Song has some of Bob's best stuff since his Sugar days. Funny, people were making the same comparison when The Last Dog and Pony Show came out. Regardless, I look forward to the new record.

I will admit, I was not too hot on his electronica-based stuff on Modulate, but I don't blame the guy for branching out. He had played loud guitar rock for so long that he needed a change. I just didn't like what I heard on Modulate.

My verdict on Body of Song will come in the next few weeks following its July 16th release.

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soonergrad98 said...

Can I just say that Bob Mould is one of indi rocks most heralded artists. The major label signing of Husker Du will be known as a turning point for punk rock, letting bands such as Nirvana and the Pixies become who they are.

Bob has paid his dues to punk rock. I dont blame him for spinning remixes either, but no one is complaining that he is touring electric this Fall either.

Go see him.