I remember Halloween (part deux)

Halloween was a great time for me when I was growing up. I don't think I ever had a bad Halloween (no egging, no stolen candy, nothing too scary). I always enjoyed dressing up and going trick-or-treating with either my parents or my friends. I still think highly of this time of year but my take on this day is more as an (gasp!) adult with plenty of room for spooky fun. But the extent of that kind of fun has been with me playing my Misfits mix CD between parties and get-togethers. No chasing small children with rubber knives or decorating our house as a mausoleum for me.

I don't remember exactly when I stopped trick-or-treating but sometime in high school, I grew out of it and just gave candy out to whoever stopped by. All my years throughout college (and the four years following it) were spent watching some slasher movie (usually Psycho, Halloween or Student Bodies) while I hoped some trick-or-treaters would stop by. I never got a single one but then again, trick-or-treating in an apartment complex just isn't the same as going house to house. I guess last year's surprise of the Mardi Gras-like size crowd on our street compensated for all the years I was out of the game.

Technically, I live in a suburb but not the kind of relatively new suburb that is 20+ minutes from downtown that has a name with 'wood' in its name. Urban renewal is all over my neighborhood (case in point, one side of the street has a rundown pawn shop, an old parking lot and tall grass while a posh apartment complex sits right across the street) as many homes have been here since the early 1900s. This definitely isn't the kind of neighborhood I grew up in, but I love this area, especially on Halloween, mass crowds/insanity et al.

I'll have to walk Juliet a little earlier than I usually do, but that will give me plenty of time to pass candy out. We have 11 bags ready for passing out with the possibility of a few more bags to be bought later in the day. Yes folks, it gets that nuts on my street so I hope we have enough for whoever comes by. Maybe I could find a Michael Myers mask sometime between now and tonight.


Kev said…
I have yet to pass out candy in the four years I've lived in this neighborhood. At least I've had candy the past two years, but getting home at 11 p.m. (my exploits chronicled here in the update section) pretty much prevented any trick-or-treaters from successfully connecting. I did have fun dressing up like a burrito for free food, though...