Thursday, October 13, 2005

Today is the day (one of many days)

Tonight is the big show at Beat Kitchen and I'm excited. Four acts + good venue + good friends = good time and experience. Full details tomorrow, but for now, I wonder what in the world I'll be doing until tonight. The sun is out so I think I may take some photos of places that have captured my eyes in the last few days.

It's official: I'm a Lost fan. I don't understand everything about the plot (I was a latecomer last season) but I find the acting, the writing and the never-ending cliff hangers as reasons to keep watching and fill in the blanks. I haven't intently set time aside to watch a show in years, but this show is better than most of the stuff on TV (and in a lot of cases, better than what's showing at the local movie theater). I set time aside last night to watch and I'll do the same next week.


Matthew said...

I'm with you on Lost. That show is highly addictive. You should get season one on DVD from Netflix.

Eric said...

Agreed with the Lost comments. I've only seen a few episodes but was almost immediately hooked. I am renting season one for my wife to watch while on bedrest, so hopefully I have a chance to catch a few.