I remember Halloween

As I take Juliet out on our nightly walks, I look at the houses on our street slowly preparing for Halloween. Tonight, I noticed a few more houses have lights up while some have cobwebs up and some have kid-friendly ghouls and skeletons on display. We won't be dressing up our house this year, but I'll definitely pass out a lot of candy. One thing is certain - I'll be better prepared more than last year. Why do I say this? Here's a recap:

We had no idea that people from all over the city flocked to our street on Halloween. Yes, there are some rather large and expensive houses further down our street, but our street is definitely not loaded with people who give away debit cards, watches and make-up packets instead of candy. As far as I know, candy is the only thing that is given out on our street and that's all I'll be giving away this year.

Jason will not be around for this year's Halloween due to the fact that he'll be out of town for work. So, I'm hoping to form a united front with our neighbors, Susan, Katie, Matt and Ally to give out candy together. I think I'll have plenty of candy as I hope to buy 16 bags (yes, 16) of it and hope I make it through the night. We went through 7 bags in a little over an hour last year so I think I'll have enough this year. If we have a lot of leftover candy we could always throw a party to get rid of them all.

This weekend, we are having a Be Your Fantasy theme party. Technically, this is not a Halloween party but it's close. I've kicked around a few ideas about what I'll dress as (Ricardo Montalbon from Fantasy Island, Jimmy Olsen from Superman, Jim from 28 Days Later) but I think I'll dress up as a leaner version of this guy. Now to figure out where I can get some glasses and a beard . . .

Halloween is a great time. It's a time when ghoulish behavior is tolerated as long as it doesn't get out of hand. I usually pull out my Misfits boxset so I can sing along to such classics as "Last Caress" and "Demonomania". The weather always cooperates as it will be warm but not steaming hot. In all, it's a great time but once it's over, people focus on Christmas, almost completely passing up Thanksgiving (well, I began typing up my Christmas list last night for various reasons).


Eric said…
HA! Pete Jackson for halloween. Hilarious idea. My favorite costume from the last 10 years or so was the lead kid from Rushmore. I had it perfect! As for 28 days later. What a frightening film.