I'm walkin'

Yesterday I was a walking fool. I walked all the way to Millennium Park to the Virgin Megastore looped around and went to the Sears Tower area and looped back to the loft. In total, four hours walking on the hard pavement and my feet are still paying for it. My remedy for it? More walking this morning and a car ride this afternoon. I want to hit up a museum called the Art Institute and then visit Punk Planet's office this afternoon. Yes, these are all places that I want to go to and yes, I consider this a vacation.

In vacations past I would have grumbled about so much walking. I believe a certain family trip to Williamsburg consisted of a never-ending stream of tours (read, never-ending walks all day) so that was probably the craziest it ever got. Now I enjoy walking around, but not all day. Walking around a city like Chicago with its calm winds and cloudy skies is rather picturesque. Plus, I'm going to places that I want to go to, whether it's a record store, a park or an office.

Off to more traveling . . .


Eric said…
Hope yer having fun in our fair city. We still have no baby.