Today marks the day that I've done this blog for four years. Though I originally started the blog to track the progress of Post, I found a lot of other things to talk about. Here's a list of some things I'm thinking about expanding upon in the next week:

--Volunteering to babysit is not a bad idea.
--I'm curious if the makers of the Saw franchise think they're playing a game with the audience. You know, one that is not that far removed from Jigsaw's games.
--The click track is not an evil thing when laying down drum parts.
--Making homemade breakfast tacos from scratch does not seem that hard.


J said…
Yay for breakfast tacos, and we need the recipe. Volunteering to babysit seems to be a good thing indeed. There are 4 (FOUR) new babies in my complex, and I THINK of offering to babysit so the parents can go out, but then I think, what if I suddenly find myself doing this every weekend? ACK!