Book #2

Looks like this week will be the week I start back to work on Book #2. To recap, here's a rundown.

--Though it's a fictional book, it's heavily based on real life experiences of playing in bands. Specifically, high school garage bands. So, there will be no passages about seeing naked grandmothers, being chased by mind-reading zombies, or meeting people online while living in New York.

--It will be told like an oral history. No, this isn't about dentist visits, Oral Roberts, or stories about Deep Throat. Nope, it's just all quotes from various characters. Look at books like Fool the World, Please Kill Me, and We Got the Neutron Bomb for examples. Except those are nonfiction oral histories. Max Brooks's World War Z is a fictional oral history. But again, no zombies in my book.

--The tentative title is When We Were the Kids. The title is also the title of a song by this now-defunct band. I liked the song title, "When We Were the Kids," even though the lyrics are a little different than the book I have in mind.

--No release date or even a projected finish time. When it's ready, I'll let everybody know on this blog.