When Crazy Ideas Aren't Crazy At All

Every once in a while, some idea hits me and I think I'd be stupid not to follow-through with it. In regards to the proposed book commentary track, as much as I appreciated the feedback from people saying it was good idea, I pretty much decided to do it whether or not anyone said anything. If anything, even the worst naysayer wouldn't have stopped me from doing this.

The deal is, I don't often think this way. It's just sometimes I come up with something that I think it very doable and plausible and I should not pass it up. Better to risk and see what happens rather than to not do anything and only wonder, right?

In the case of the commentary, I know where and how I can record this, I have a good idea about what I want to talk about, and I have a pretty good feeling about being able to get this whole thing out there. Usually if there's any serious doubt that pops up, the idea stalls on the tracks.

Maybe this is some TM by way of David Lynch and Wayne Coyne talking here, but a part of me wishes I had this gung-ho attitude a bit more in my everyday life. Somehow I'm think it's starting to seep into other parts of my life, given the fact of recent events which I shall remain mum on until it's safe to say openly.


Anonymous said…
Hey Eric -

I loved this post. And I believe you are right. I write a blog called "Quixoting™ - A Quest for New Ideas" which uses the analogy of Don Quixote (impulsive and daring) to inspire people to take action on their ideas. I, like you, encourage my readers to pull ideas out of their "bottom drawer" and act on them.

If interested, you can read my intro post @ http://quixoting.typepad.com/quixoting_a_quest_for_new/2008/09/what-to-do-wi-1.html
Ted said…
You should do a book commentary. There are a good number of authors who create sites where "other stuff" related to the book can be found.