Two weeks later

Well, getting cable TV has had an effect on me, and thankfully, it's not the kind of effect where I spend hours every single day flipping through channels.

Not much of my life is really that different now that I have some 300 channels to peruse. But between myself and Matt, we have one more thing available to pass the time. I'm still doing the normal schedule I have during the week, but I will not lie how great it is to watch a Cowboys game in high definition. Even if the team blows it in the fourth quarter, it's still a treasure to enjoy a game without snow or fuzz.

Basically, I spend a little less time on the computer, but not by much. And that's a good thing.

I don't know why, but I tend to underestimate certain aspects of myself. One of them was not knowing how much I would respond to getting cable. I was convinced I'd get hooked on one trashy show after another and lose all sense of time with all the other things that I like to do.

And as old-hat as it may seem to most people now, I have to admit how new, fresh, and refreshing it is to have a DVR. While checking out the season premieres of NBC's Thursday lineup, I DVR-d the season premiere of Fringe. Getting up to speed on the episodes I missed from the first season, I must say that I'm back with the show based on the premiere.

So yes, giving in and finally getting cable has had a positive impact on my life. But before this sounds like a TV commercial that starts in dull lighting with people frowning and ends with bright lights and people smiling, I'll just say it's nice to have a few more options. You can't buy happiness, but certain grumbles from the past can be relieved when you give things another chance.