Mr. Can't Fix It

As I continue to rent and apparently throw money away every month, I'm frequently reminded of why I'd be a bad homeowner: I'm terrible with fixing things. My answer to almost any problem that has come up in the time I've lived on my own: tell the landlord. Of course, I watch and take mental notes while something is fixed, but my indecisive nature would just cause me further headaches when I try myself.

A recent case in point: we have an issue in the laundry room. Our dryer, which was partially working anyway, seemed to finally bite the dust. When I went to pull a load out after my nap a few weeks ago, I noticed that the clothes were still wet and the dryer would not start. I told one of the landlords and he kindly gave us an old dryer he had. Problem solved, right?

Well, the following week, also on laundry day, the same problem occurred. Flipping a breaker, the dryer seemed to work just fine. That is, until I realized that the dryer would only work for about five to ten minutes before the breaker had to be flipped again. The breaker had to be flipped almost ten times that day just to get through a full three loads of laundry.

So last week, the landlord gets a new breaker for us, and everything looks to be running just fine. Now it's laundry day again and the dryer won't start. I don't know what to exactly do.

Since home repairs are something that I find to be right up the alley of people not like me, I'm pretty much screwed for life. My indecisive nature coupled with perfectionist tendencies just make me always prone to seek help from somebody who knows what he or she is doing.

That's why I keep proverbially throwing money away.